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With light, there is hope.

With light,
there is hope.

An Advancement in Cancer Surgery

CYTALUX is the only targeted imaging agent designed to “highlight” ovarian and lung cancer in the body, helping surgeons to see it in real-time, as they operate. As you can imagine, an added measure of visibility in the operating room can help the surgeon find cancer that may have otherwise been missed.


CYTALUX has been proven to help surgeons detect more cancer for removal.

How it Works


CYTALUX is administered to patients through intravenous infusion 1-9 hours prior to surgery for ovarian cancer and 1–24 hours prior to surgery for lung cancer.


CYTALUX contains a folic acid analog (a type of folic acid) that identifies and binds to the folate receptors on ovarian and lung cells.


CYTALUX contains a dye that lights up when a special camera, called a near-infrared imaging system, is used during surgery (think of it as ink that only shows up under black light).

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For ovarian cancer

For lung cancer

My surgeon explained he would use a fluorescent dye and a special camera that would illuminate my cancer. There was one nodule that was hidden and he found it during the procedure.”

Carol, Ovarian Cancer Patient

The lung cancer community desperately needs advances. It’s an insidious disease and this is an amazing discovery for our community. This is really going to help people.”

Terri Ann, Lung Cancer Patient

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