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CYTALUX® Gives Your Surgeon an Advantage

With CYTALUX on your side, there is an increased chance your surgeon can find additional ovarian cancer that may not have been detected otherwise.


With CYTALUX, additional lesions were
found in 27% of patients.

Clinically Proven

CYTALUX has been proven to help surgeons detect more ovarian cancer during surgery.

In a clinical trial, CYTALUX helped surgeons find additional ovarian cancer that would have otherwise gone undetected in 27% of patients.


Given Before Surgery

CYTALUX is given to patients with ovarian cancer intravenously 1-9 hours prior to surgery. It circulates through the body, binding to and “lighting up” ovarian cancer cells when used with a special surgical camera. This allows the surgeon to more easily see the cancerous tissue (via a surgical camera) as they operate.

Safety Profile

The most common side effects of CYTALUX reported in clinical trials were nausea (13%), vomiting (5%), abdominal pain (2%), flushing (2%), other infusion-related reactions (2%), allergic reaction (2%), elevation in blood pressure (1%), indigestion (1%), and chest discomfort (1%) during administration.

During the Phase 3 clinical study, there were zero serious drug-related adverse events reported, and 97% of drug-related adverse events were mild or moderate.

You’re Not Alone in Your Journey.

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