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Surgery is a Common Treatment for Lung Cancer

While your surgeon will use every means possible to identify and remove your cancer, some cancer may be difficult to find during surgery.

CYTALUX® is the only FDA approved fluorescent imaging technology to light up lung cancer during surgery — enhancing your surgeon’s ability to visualize cancer in real time.

Clinically Proven

In a clinical trial, CYTALUX was proven to
help surgeons better visualize lung cancer.


19% of patients had lesions that their surgeon could not detect without the use of CYTALUX.


In 8% of patients, surgeons found one or more additional cancerous lesions that were not previously identified.

In 38% of patients, CYTALUX helped surgeons discover a “close resection margin.”*

*In the clinical trial, a close resection margin was defined as follows: the rim of healthy tissue surrounding the lesion that was removed (also known as the margin) was ≤ 10 mm.

Surgeons reported changing the scope of their procedure based on the insight provided by CYTALUX in 29% of patients.


Given Before Surgery

CYTALUX is given to patients with lung cancer intravenously 1-24 hours prior to surgery. It circulates through the body, binding to and “lighting up” lung cancer cells when used with a special surgical camera. This allows the surgeon to more easily see the cancerous tissue (via a surgical camera) as they operate.

Safety Profile

The most common side effects of CYTALUX reported in clinical trials were nausea (13%), vomiting (5%), abdominal pain (2%), flushing (2%), other infusion-related reactions (2%), allergic reaction (2%), elevation in blood pressure (1%), indigestion (1%), and chest discomfort (1%) during administration.

During the Phase 3 clinical study, there were zero serious drug-related adverse events reported, and 92% of drug-related adverse events were mild or moderate.

You’re Not Alone in Your Journey.

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